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About Us is a website that connects authors and readers. The website started in September. 2018 by Ankush Agrawal who is an MBA graduate. The team of is of the view that customer satisfaction is the biggest profit for an organization because it ensures long-term growth and generates brand loyalty in customers. We always believe that whatever customer pays to us, he considered it less. He always believed what he has paid is very less as compared to what he gets and that is possible if a customer gets the right product at right time and its benefit should be of a long term.

It is one of the main reasons we choose books as our product because knowledge never dies but still a person can choose a wrong book which is of no use.  We generally buy books on the basis of other’s personal recommendation, the star rating of the various e-commerce website or after reading some information about the author.  But how many of us read the actual content of the book or the summary that tells what the book is all about.

Apart from that, we also mentioned several details of books such as the number of pages, recommendations from the readers etc.

This website will allow readers to read 100 words or 10 lines from the book that will give an insight to the readers what the book is all about and on the basis of that, they can buy the book.

We always have an ambiguity about the purchase we made online that is why instead of keeping stock of books, we redirect the customer to Amazon website- the most trustable website. On Amazon, they will get all the options like cash on delivery, urgent delivery etc.

For authors, especially new one this website can be an opportunity to show their skills to the readers. It might save their lot of time in gaining reputation which took years.

Finally, I would say if you are really impressed by the thought then please go to our page” best 100 words” and read some excerpts.